Signal SIGCHLD does not interrupt process blocked on read of pipe?

Anthony Tuininga
Mon Jan 12 17:26:00 GMT 1998

> I have a process which accepts requests from an Oracle database and
> passes them off to a process via Oracle's "pipe" mechanism. This
> process passes the information to another process which manages the
> requests and processes them. What is happening is that the second
> process spawns a process to handle the request and then goes back to
> reading the pipe. The spawned process completes and becomes <defunct>
> in the process listing but the SIGCHLD handler does not get triggered!
> A subsequent call (which causes the read on the pipe to terminate)
> causes the SIGCHLD handler to trigger and then does exactly the same
> thing!! This is really frustrating. Does anyone have any idea as to
> what is going on?
> This is Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP3 with cygwin32 beta 18 with the
> coolview patches by Sergey (latest version which I got today).
> Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions,
> Anthony Tuininga
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