TAB file completion

Mathew J. Rippa
Sun Jan 11 12:48:00 GMT 1998

Hi all,
    I've just got beta 18 installed along with emacs on WINDOWS 95 and
everthing seems to work OK. I read the FAQ about TAB file completion
and  I wonder if it was for WINDOWS NT only.          it said...

How do I get tab file completion with cmd.exe?
To get tab file completion in cmd.exe, use regedt32 to set the following
registry entry to 0x9 (using the
Edit->DWORD menu command):


First of all, cmd.exe is and regedt32 is regedit...  I'm
assuming the dos-prompt what is meant by cmd.exe .
Furthermore, the above registry entry does not exist. Am I supposed to
add this entry or is all this only for use with WINDOWS NT as I had a

Thanks ...

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