X11R6.3 libraries have new home

Arlindo da Silva arlindo@niteroi.gsfc.nasa.gov
Sat Jan 10 13:01:00 GMT 1998

The X11R6.3 libraries have a new home:


This distribution contains pre-compiled X Windows Version 11 Release 6.3
client libraries compiled with the Cygnus GNU Win32 C compiler, version Beta
18 and with EGCS version 1.00 (port by Mumit Kahn). This distribution

    - Pre-compiled libraries, e.g., libX11.a, libX11.dll, libXaw.a, etc
    - X clients such as xmkmf, imake, bitmap, xclock, rxvt, etc. 
    - Documentation: X11R6 manual pages in HTML 
    - Sample code to test your installation 

These page also contains links to the mirror site ftp.deninc.com (thanks
Jason!). There is an un-tared X11R6.3/ directory (egcs only) to pick from.

As I mentioned in a previous message, you will need a different set of
libraries whether you use Mumit Kahn's egcs-1.00 version of the binutils, or
the standard gnuwin32 b18. In both cases, you will need coolview.
See the URL above for additional details.

Please let me know of problems.

Arlindo da Silva   

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