running gnu-win32 tools under another Unix-ported shell?

Scott Blachowicz
Fri Jan 9 18:22:00 GMT 1998 (Christopher Faylor) wrote:

> >I'm sometimes using a port of zsh (not the one built with the cygwin
> >toolkit) and when I run the cygwin 'find' command, for instance, it acts
> >as if the 'find' command (in its crt0 or whatever?) is expanding globs
> >that it gets.  I don't want that to happen because my shell is already
> >doing that.  So, if I do this:
> >
> >    find . -name '*.cpp' -perm +222 -ls
> >
> >to find writeable .cpp files, I get this error:
> >
> >    /usr/bin/find.EXE: paths must precede expression
> >    Usage: /usr/bin/find.EXE [path...] [expression]
> >
> >How do the cygwin commands detect their parent & avoid the globbing stuff
> >when necessary if using the normal cygwin bash, for instance?  Any
> >suggestions?
> If you are running the cygwin version of find, this should happen
> automatically.  I am running zsh here and I do this all the time.

Are you running the cygwin-built version of _zsh_?  I am not.

Scott Blachowicz
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