Not quite perfect Unix compatibility (bug report)
Fri Jan 9 18:22:00 GMT 1998

This bug report originated in a hack:

I moved to my Windows partition, ran `tar xzvf' on
it, and attempted to configure the Linux kernel under cygwin.

	bash$ make menuconfig
only works at the bash$ prompt, and then only if you have ncurses, which
I don't.  It gives some kind of a binary file error message if you do
	DOS> make -f Makefile menuconfig

	bash$ make config
starts up the configuration process, but here is the bug.  The first
question in the configure script has a `[Y/N/?]' prompt, and typing
`N', `Y', or `?' all gives the same response, which isn't supposed
to happen, and which doesn't let you complete the shell script.

BTW, I know cygnus isn't in the Linux business, but it might just be
possible to compile a working zImage under cygwin, with few or no
changes in the cygwin system.  After all, the kernel doesn't use
cygwin.dll to run.

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