CVS gnuwin32-b18/coolview/Win95 executables anywhere? (NBY)

Bruce Schurmann
Thu Jan 8 16:46:00 GMT 1998

I have perused all the appropriate FAQs and ftp sites that I can find
(thanks Earnie!). I was looking for a gnuwin32-b18/coolview/Win95
build of cvs-1.9.X. I do NOT need the server-client capability, this
is for my personal use at home. Note I am using the Win95 platform not

I have the Cvs executables from but they are doing a
NL -> CR-NL transformation on my files when I do a "cvs commit". I am
assuming that this behavior will go away with a cvs built with
Sergey's cygwin.dll. (Yes I do have c:\ mounted as text=binary.)

I am trying to avoid bringing the whole Gnuwin32 SDK online and
building cvs-1.9.X if someone else is willing to make it available.

Thanks very much in advance,
Bruce Schurmann
Austin, TX
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