combining mingw32 + cygwin32

Christopher Faylor
Thu Jan 8 07:28:00 GMT 1998

In article < >,  <> wrote:
>This directory hierarchy is also a useless appendage.  It's much simpler
>to set up a Unix file system on your C: drive, and do away with all that
>H-i386-cygwin32 excrement.  This is a Unix environment, and all the GNU
>utilities expect Unix directories.  So, why use the b18 directory structure,
>that corresponds to nothing in the real world?

I agree with this sentiment.  All of the *-i386-* stuff really complicates
things; especially if you are routinely switching between UNIX and NT.
Also, given the necessary amount of translation required for each component
of a path specification in cygwin32, every use of a subdirectory adds
an incremental time cost.

That's why I have my NT system set up to use /bin, /etc, /usr/bin,
/usr/local/bin, etc.
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