Ordinal problem in DLLs?

Michael Pymm m.pymm@strath.ac.uk
Thu Jan 8 05:29:00 GMT 1998

Hi all,

	I'm trying to use the compiler to write apps that use the 3Dfx card via glide2x.dll (Glide 2.43 I think).

	I've tried the following to create a .a file to link my programs against;

using nm to get the exports from the dll, and then dlltool
using impdef to get both the calling stack size and the ordinal number, then dlltool

A typical .def file looks like

grGlideInit@0 @1 
etc etc

where the second @<number> is the ordinal number (which is the correct one) (only produced when I 
use impdef, not nm)

dlltool is called using the -k argument.

gcc compiles the .exe fine, but Win95 says 'invalid file format' when I try to run it.

I've looked in every FAQ and archive I can find but there are no explicit instructions on how to do this. 
Suggestions I've had from the glide mailing list say that there is a problem with ordinals in some DLLs.
Do I need a later version of dlltool? (I'm using that supplied with gnu-win32 b18).

Thanks for any help

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