Derek Young
Wed Jan 7 14:50:00 GMT 1998

After some struggle, I was able to get ssh and sshd working.  I took the
patches from Patrick J. Fay
( ) and applied them
directly to the ssh sources.  I could not get the version from to work.  As Patrick pointed out, it's
always a good idea to compile security software on you own anyways.  I
could not build the software under the windows NT command prompt, but
when building under bash, it worked fine.

When running sshd, I was getting the error message "bad modes for:
/homedirectory".  I guess I didn't have the permissions set right on my
home directory.  To fix this I turned StrictModes off in the
/etc/sshd_conf file.

ssh was reporting that it had no DISPLAY or tty.  This was caused by
CYGWIN_TTY no being set.  Setting it to 1 on the client and server side
fixed that.  You do not need DISPLAY set to use the software.

The version from did not seem to pass the
stdout of the client application back to ssh.  After I recompiled it
myself, this problem went away.

My final problem was that for some reason programs run through ssh were
not able to read from stdin.  for instance "echo hello | ssh host cat"
would report "bad file number" on stdin.  I changed the source of sshd
to use "/winnt/system32/cmd.exe /c command" instead of "/bin/sh -c
command" and this problem cleared up.  A little more investigation into
this may have cleared it up without this hack, but it works OK for me

I have now been using ssh and sshd with CVS and it works great!  Just
set CVSROOT to :ext:user@machine:/yourcvsroot and CVS_RSH to ssh and it
works without any more changes.  This was my goal for using ssh in the
first place.

Thanks again to Patrick for his help.

-- derek

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