Why text=binary mounts (Re: Gnu-win32 (b18), coolview and NTEmacs)

Scott Blachowicz sab@seanet.com
Wed Jan 7 12:35:00 GMT 1998

"Earnie Boyd" <earnie_boyd@hotmail.com> writes:

> Let me remind you that the purpose of the cygnus gnu-win32 project is to 
> port UNIX code.  Most of the UNIX world programs choke on the \r\n 
> combination.  Therefore text=binary is the easiest solution.

Yes, I realize that.  But it seems like there are some concessions being
made to the folks who claim that the tools ought to interoperate more
easily with the DOS tools (e.g. accepting file paths like "c:/windows").
So, I keep hoping that someone will come up with some clever scheme to do
away with this text=binary mount stuff (which seems to be one of the most
awkward things about trying to use the gnu-win32 stuff).

I keep hoping to be able to find some affordable (read: negligible
monitary cost :-)) alternative to MKS sh (or whatever) to give me a Unix
toolset that can interoperate with the Windows developers and development
tools that I need to.
Scott Blachowicz                <sab@seanet.com>

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