still Problems installing Perl

Erwin Achermann
Tue Jan 6 23:47:00 GMT 1998

Here is a brief summary of what i succeeded so far:

First i had Problems unpacking the whole package. It seems as if Win Zip
just cant cope with "configure" and "Configure". Thanks to Chris
Faylor's mentioning that there are the two files, I could tackle that
down (finally by extracting "Configure" with tar by hand.) [Has anybody
seen similar problems with Win Zip???]

Now happily starting sh ./Configure. It does some locating of helper
Programs finds them even (all in the ..cygwin/bin), displays
instructions, so far so well, but it definitely takes any <enter> from
my side TWICE! Darn, it doesn't let me select the right system. It just
takes the deault 'sysv'. I tried to let that run trough, just to see how
it proceeds, and it still skipped any second question...

What can that be? How can i fix it? 
thanks for your patience.


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