Windows NOTEPAD replacement that read binary text files.

Julian Stoev
Tue Jan 6 21:26:00 GMT 1998

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Tony Thompson wrote:

|At 06:09 06/01/98 PST, Earnie Boyd wrote:
|>For those of you interested, I have found a notepad replacement that 
|>will read the binary mode text files properly.  However, it only writes 
|>\r\n text files.  It also offers other goodies.  This is version 1.1 of 
|>Notepad+ by Rogier Muer.  This is a small zip file 208,263 bytes.  The 
|>zip can be found at
|I've used Programmer's File Editor for general text editing for a few years
|now. It displays both Unix and DOS style files, allows editing, and saves
|the file in it's original format. It also allows easy conversion of the
|occasional file; load it, double-click on the format indicator in the
|status bar until it shows the right format, then save.
|See for info.

As replacement to Notepad there is also UltraEdit .
It is shareware.
Even better is pcGRASP (this one is great for working with C, C++, Ada GNU
compilers under Win95). Get it at . It is a
kind of freeware. It made my work with Cygnus products much more

Good luck!

P.S. May be webmasters on can make some links to them, so
that more people can use them.

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