Gnu-win32 (b18), coolview and NTEmacs

Scott Blachowicz
Tue Jan 6 11:26:00 GMT 1998

Tomas Fasth <> writes:

> maybe this is not much of a solution to your own line break problem,
> but...
> We have successfully been using CVS (concurrent version control system)
> for years. Among other things, it has allowed us to share source code on
> several platforms with incompatible line termination in a seemless way.
> ...

Yes...I would love to be using CVS, but I just switched jobs into an
established project team that is using Micro$oft's SourceSafe.  When I get
some free time, I'm going to setup a CVS repository for my own use (I've
used it before on Unix for both work and play projects).  THEN, maybe, I
can convince the others that it's worth switching over (everyone else
grumbles about SourceSafe, but nobody really knows a "reliable" and
affordable alternative with a useable GUI front end [VSS is OK...stupid in
some areas, but useable]...does tkcvs or that jCVS stuff or something else
work well on NT/95 systems?  Do the latest CVS[1.9.something] have
reasonable Visual Studio integration? Emacs-VC on NTEmacs?).  Basically, I
need to find some time to investigate...

And, yes...something like CVS would work if all the shared files go
through a source control system.  Most do, but there are some classes of
files that don't go that way (e.g. I email the latest version of something
to someone else for testing, or I've got some prototype utility to give to
someone before going into a control system).

Basically, if I were able to work isolated in my own gnu-win32 universe,
then everything would be fine.  The problem, however, is that it'll never
be that way - either sharing files with colleagues or among different
toolsets on my own system will cause problems.

So, why IS it that the coolview code requires text=binary mode mounts
Scott Blachowicz                <>

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