Windows NOTEPAD replacement that read binary text files.

Guy Gascoigne - Piggford
Tue Jan 6 10:16:00 GMT 1998

At 06:09 AM 1/6/98 PST, Earnie Boyd wrote:
>For those of you interested, I have found a notepad replacement that 
>will read the binary mode text files properly.  However, it only writes 
>\r\n text files.  It also offers other goodies.  This is version 1.1 of 
>Notepad+ by Rogier Muer.  This is a small zip file 208,263 bytes.  The 
>zip can be found at

I have to say that I've used PFE for this purpose for years and never had
any problems with it.  It's very functional, fast and a very good notepad
replacement that knows about DOS and UNIX files and happily converts
between the two.  You can get it from the PFE Home Page at


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