gdb and egcs

John F. Kolen
Mon Jan 5 13:23:00 GMT 1998

I have a problem using gdb on egcs generated code.  Gdb works fine on the
first pass through the program.  On the second pass it hangs right after
the "running ..." message, if there are arguments.  Running with no arguments
does not display this message, but it still hangs.  And it hangs pretty good--
doesn't respond to ^C or kill (Win32) or abort task (Windows95).

Any help would be appreciated.

---------------------- begin the culprit -------------------
#include <stdio.h>
void f(int a, int b, int c)
  printf("f:  %d %d %d\n",a,b,c);

  int a,b,c;
  a = 1;
  b = 2;
  c = a+b;
  printf("main: %d %d %d\n",a,b,c);
---------------------- end the culprit -------------------

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