Derek Young
Mon Jan 5 11:54:00 GMT 1998

Hello, I have just installed the ssh/sshd software made available from , but I have not been able to get it to
work.  I changed my mounts to binary, set up the sshd config files, and
started sshd.  I have Sergey's coolview DLL installed.  I would like to
get this working so I can use it with CVS.

When I run ssh, I get the message "You have no controlling tty and no
DISPLAY.  Cannot read passphrase."  Do I need some special environment
variables set to run this?  I've also tried starting with the -t
command, but this has the same effect.

I am running ssh from a regular command prompt (not bash or tcsh).  Even
if I run under bash I get the same error message.  I have run ssh-keygen
to create my key in my .ssh directory.

I started sshd with the -d command to get debugging info.  After sshd
starts up with this...

debug: sshd version 1.2.21 []
debug: Initializing random number generator; seed file
log: Server listening on port 22.
log: Generating 768 bit RSA key.
Generating p:  ..........++ (distance 168)
Generating q:  ................++ (distance 184)
Computing the keys...
Testing the keys...
Key generation complete.
log: RSA key generation complete.

... and I run ssh I get this output from sshd...

debug: Server will not fork when running in debugging mode.
log: Connection from port 3539
debug: Client protocol version 1.5; client software version 1.2.21
debug: Sent 768 bit public key and 1024 bit host key.
debug: Encryption type: idea
debug: Received session key; encryption turned on.
debug: Attempting authentication for dyoung.
log: Rsa authentication refused for dyoung: bad modes for /derek
debug: RSA authentication for dyoung failed.
fatal: Connection closed by remote host.
debug: Calling cleanup 0x40e9e4(0x0)

I don't know what "bad modes for /derek" means (/derek is my home
directory).  Do I need some special permissions on this directory?  This
directory is listed in my /etc/passwd file as well.  sshd and ssh were
started as the same user, and I'm also trying to login with this user

Have I missed something?

thanks for any help,

-- Derek Young

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