porting ssh/scp/sshd

Patrick J. Fay pfay@acl.lanl.gov
Sun Jan 4 00:32:00 GMT 1998

Thanks for the great gnu-win32 tools. I have ssh/scp/sshd working
pretty well with them. I can ssh to other hosts, ssh into my pc
from other hosts, scp to/from my pc. The quality of the ssh session
depends alot on the terminal emulation you are using. If you have
something like rxvt ( ftp://ftp.deninc.com/pub/sos/remote.tar.gz )
for an xterm and MicroImages.com's X server, 
then the ssh session quality is pretty good. 
I use rsa and kerberos 5 authentication based on Cygnus' Kerbnet
so I can 'kinit -f myuserid@mydomain' once and then scp/ssh 
around. I haven't tried to use it on my win95 system yet, just
a WinNT 4.0 SP3 PC.

The porting instructions are at:

Good luck,

Patrick Fay, Ph.D., Intel Corp.            email:   pfay@co.intel.com
Los Alamos National Lab                    wk:         (505) 665-9141
CTI M.S. B296                              fax:        (505) 667-5921
Los Alamos NM 87545    ASCI-RED http://www.acl.lanl.gov/~pfay/teraflop

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