ntxlib works on windows 95

vischne@ibm.net vischne@ibm.net
Sat Jan 3 18:07:00 GMT 1998

>   Sergey Okhapkin (sos@prospect.com.ru)
>vischne@ibm.net wrote:
>> The reason I say this is that libX11 doesn't have a `main' entry point and
>> assumes, Unix-style, that the X-program calling libX11 will have a `main'.
>> ntxlib, on the other hand, uses WinMain to get hInstance, without which
>> you cannot generate Windows with CreateWindow calls.  WinMain gets
>> the argc and argv parameters and passes them to a call on main().
>WinMain() isn't neccessary for proper operation. It's easy to call
>hInstance = GetModuleHandle(); in ntxlib's XOpenDisplay() implementation.
Judging from your interest and your correspondence on the subject of
modifying xnt.h, I would say that you are volunteering to send the alpha-0.2
release of ntxlib to deninc.com.

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