Gnu-win32 (b18), coolview and NTEmacs

Chris Searle
Sat Jan 3 17:14:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Hirmke <> writes:

    Michael> Hi Chris, [...]
    >> I've downloaded the latest coolview tar file (compiled
    >> binaries) and replaced the files within where appropriate,
    >> making sure that I've replaced all copies in the gnu-win
    >> directory tree.
    >> Now the bash shell that this replaces works fine standalone,
    >> but as the emacs shell it returns (e.g)
    >> sh.exe-2.01$ ls sh.exe: ls^M: command not found sh.exe-2.01$
    >> This is repeatable for any command.

    Michael> You didn't read Sergey's advice on his home page 8-/ He
    Michael> clearly stated, that you have to use binary mounts and
    Michael> convert your text files from DOS to Unix line break
    Michael> style.

Hi again.

I've tried this both binary and text mounts. Makes no odds. It isn't
just any files, it's stuff like directory listings and other standard

However, see the later reply regarding 

(defun bash ()
  (let ((binary-process-input t)
        (binary-process-ouput nil))

from Stefan Svenberg <>.

Excellent. Works well.  Cheers all.

PS. Please ignore mail problem reagrding lisp also sent to this
list. Should have gone to the NTEmacs list. Trouble with working late
I guess:-)

Thanks again.

Chris Searle

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