Gnu-win32 (b18), coolview and NTEmacs

Scott Blachowicz
Sat Jan 3 14:30:00 GMT 1998 (Michael Hirmke) wrote:

> You didn't read Sergey's advice on his home page 8-/
> He clearly stated, that you have to use binary mounts and convert your
> text files from DOS to Unix line break style.

Which is what makes the coolview stuff impractical to use in an environment
with several people doing development on the same directory tree. (and those
people don't all use the same set of tools) If I edit a source file with
binary mounts, they get converted to Unix line break style one way or another.
Then the next person to play with the files might use tools that want DOS
style line breaks.  Or various line break styles get inflicted on a file
introducing unnecessary changes to the file on its way into a source code
control system.  It'd be real nice if this binary mount stuff could just go

Or if I'm missing some detail somewhere, I'd love to hear about it.

Scott Blachowicz
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