Gnu-win32 (b18), coolview and NTEmacs

Michael Hirmke
Sat Jan 3 05:41:00 GMT 1998

Hi Chris,

>I've downloaded the latest coolview tar file (compiled binaries) and
>replaced the files within where appropriate, making sure that I've
>replaced all copies in the gnu-win directory tree.
>Now the bash shell that this replaces works fine standalone, but as
>the emacs shell it returns (e.g)
>sh.exe-2.01$ ls
>sh.exe: ls^M: command not found
>This is repeatable for any command.

You didn't read Sergey's advice on his home page 8-/
He clearly stated, that you have to use binary mounts and convert your
text files from DOS to Unix line break style.

>Chris Searle

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