Gnu-win32 (b18), coolview and NTEmacs

Chris Searle
Fri Jan 2 16:32:00 GMT 1998

OK, I'm not too sure which list to ask this on, as it crosses both
areas. (Probably mostly make sense to the gnu-win list).

I'm running NT Emacs 19.34.6, and using the gnu-win32 b18
distribution as the shell. (Machine is NT4.0)

Worked like a dream. A nice bash shell so I can forget about all that
cmd and command from MS.

I've downloaded the latest coolview tar file (compiled binaries) and
replaced the files within where appropriate, making sure that I've
replaced all copies in the gnu-win directory tree.

Now the bash shell that this replaces works fine standalone, but as
the emacs shell it returns (e.g)

sh.exe-2.01$ ls
sh.exe: ls^M: command not found

This is repeatable for any command.

When running standalone, the paths are all set OK, the environment
variables are all OK, nothing seems wrong at all.

Rather than load this query any further I'll leave it there. If anyone
has any ideas I'd be extremely grateful to hear them.  If you want my
_emacs (.emacs) or gnu-win config details I can mail them.

Anyway, I'm stumped, so anyone any clues?

Chris Searle
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