ntxlib works on Windows 95

Arlindo da Silva arlindo@niteroi.gsfc.nasa.gov
Fri Jan 2 06:35:00 GMT 1998

> >Did you ever think about merging of libX11 and ntxlib? I.e. if environment
> >variable DISPLAY is not set, call ntxlib's gdi calls wrappers, and call X11
> >code otherwise?
> >
> Hey, what a great idea.  All I have to do is download
> the X11 files, throw in xnt.h and ntxlib.c, run an
> overall make on all .c files, and play with the linker
> error messages.  As a zeroeth approximation.  Only
> problem is getting the defines right:

I also agree that merging ntxlib into X11 is a great idea. However, there is
something to be said about keeping a vanilla ntxlib which carries none of the
X11 overhead. Having the 2 configurations would be ideal.

Arlindo da Silva    

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