what am i doing wrong?

BMullenber BMullenber@aol.com
Fri Jan 2 01:53:00 GMT 1998

I have really no idea how to link a object file into a exec program or even
how to run g++. I tried a simple hello program and had no success.  Anyone
know how to link a program and want to help me, i made an obj file using
another compiler?

what exec program is the linker, is it ln.exe?

C:\gnuwin32\b18\H-i386-cygwin32\bin>ln C:\compiler\work\hello.obj
/GNUWIN32/B18/H-I386~1/BIN/LN.EXE: cannot create hard link `./C:\compiler
ello.obj' to `C:\compiler\work\hello.obj': No such file or directory

Also, I set the Variables and Path too, is this correct?  I have win95.

set GCC_EXEC_PREFIX=C:\gnuwin32\b18\H-i386-cygwin32\lib\gcc-lib\
set TCL_LIBRARY=C:\gnuwin32\b18\tcl\lib\tcl7.6
set GDBTK_LIBRARY=C:\gnuwin32\b18\share\gdbtcl

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