b20.1: build question

Kevin Schnitzius kevins@citrix.com
Thu Dec 31 16:45:00 GMT 1998

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> >On my NT4.0 box, should I be able to:
> >3a. Muck about with the newlib configuration to get it to work.
> This is the third mention I've seen of people having problems with
> configuring newlib.
> The annoying thing is that every one of them mentions that there are
> problems but no one has yet reported what the problems are.
> If someone would like to report *exactly* what the problem with newlib
> configure might be, I'd be happy to look into getting it fixed.

If you use a subdirectory for the src and obj directories, you'll see this
problem.  For example, when I used /cygwin/src and /cygwin/obj, the newlib
configure script tanked.  When I moved them to /src and /obj, I was at
least able to build.

I'm currently seeing an access fault in fhandler_base::de_linearize() but
when I attach gdb, it doesn't show up.  Arrgh.  This looks like maybe a
problem.  Any one else run into this?  (NT4.0, B20.1 tools and src).


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