b20.1: build question

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Thu Dec 31 16:45:00 GMT 1998

In a message dated 12/31/98 4:22:51 PM Pacific Standard Time, cgf@cygnus.com

 If someone would like to report *exactly* what the problem with newlib
 configure might be, I'd be happy to look into getting it fixed.
I had no such problem, building on W95, using make-3.77.  My only
configuration problem was a spurious setting of HAVE_WCTYPE_H.   Somehow
configure thinks it has found <wctype.h> somewhere.  I've searched up and
down, made sure there is no such file, sometimes watched configure run and
fail (correctly) to find any such file, but then it gets set wrong again.
This is easily over-ridden (I hope this is used only in gdb).

Another problem which may possibly have something to do with configure:  I
have never obtained an expect which works well enough to be worth the trouble.
The symptoms are not entirely repeatable, but now the one I build on W95 is
acting like the distributed binary does on NT.  The  test I try most often is
the test_installed script from the egcs distribution.

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