Cross Compiling ...

Mumit Khan
Thu Dec 31 11:21:00 GMT 1998

mxs <> writes:
> Hi everyone ...
> Just wondering : Is it possible to cross compile from cygwin32 to mips ?
> What packages would I need to install for that, if possible ? Does egcs do
> that or would it be better to use gcc ? (It would be my first cross
> compile, so please bear with me if I make any wrong assumptions here :)

What kind of mips machine (SGI/IRIX, DEC/Ultrix or OSF, Linux?)? You
should check with the crossgcc FAQ first to find out what you need to
copy over to the Cygwin machine (basically the entire runtime -- includes
and libraries) and what issues are involved. This is really not a Cygwin
issue, but rather a "cross build" issue.

See for crossgcc FAQ and various other things.

If your MIPS target is supported, it's not that hard to do (after you've
done it a few hundred times, it's easy ;-).


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