b20.1: build question

Kevin Schnitzius kevins@citrix.com
Thu Dec 31 11:21:00 GMT 1998

> From: Geoffrey Noer [ mailto:noer@cygnus.com ]
> Sent: Thursday, December 31, 1998 3:34 AM
> To: Kevin Schnitzius
> Cc: gnu-win32@cygnus.com
> Subject: Re: b20.1: build question
> > 1.  Download dev-src_tar.b2
> > 2.  Uncompress and untar it.
> > 3.  From a new obj directory, type 'configure --host=i586-pc-cygwin32
> > --prefix=/install'
> > 3a. Muck about with the newlib configuration to get it to work.
> > 4.  Do a 'make'
> > 5.  Drop the obj/i586-pc-cygwin32/winsup/new-cygwin1.dll into my current
> > toolset?
> > 
> > This doesn't seem to work -- I get access violations immediately.  Is
> > supposed to work?  Or, do I have to build everything from the same
> > source with the same compiler?
> I don't understand step 3a.  You should do ths configure, then just
> type make.  At the correct point it will go and configure and make
> newlib then winsup.  newlib shouldn't need any special mucking about.

When building (by typing make in the obj directory) in
using the steps above, the configure script in this directory complains that
can't 'find install-sh or install.sh in .. or ./..'  There were various
configure mishaps -- config.guess and config.status were not found.  I
copied them 
from the src directory to the obj/i586-pc-cygwin32 directory.

> And yes, you should be able to just take the newly rebuilt
> new-cygwin1.dll and install it in the old install location as
> cygwin1.dll and make things work (I'm assuming your tools are of B20
> or 20.1 vintage).
> > Also, I was unable to do a 'make install' which failed during gcc
> > installation.
> Run make with -k?  It should be a clean install except for makeinfo
> failing perhaps.

I was not installing over my current, B20.1 tools like the other message
The error was gcc.info not found.

I will try again with /src and /obj as my directories since maybe there is 
something path dependent.

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