Time problems with B20.1

Serguei DACHIAN Serguei.Dachian@univ-lemans.fr
Thu Dec 31 08:13:00 GMT 1998

At 00:36 31/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Please try the latest snapshot version of cygwin1.dll, available on
>ftp.cygnus.com in /pub/noer/winsup-snapshot/.  There was a problem
>with an internal time-related conversion function that we fixed

I have tried my program with the dll contained in cygwin1.dll.bz2, and it
works now. (BTW, this dll is about 5000Kb, WHY !!??).  I haven't tried it
with "winsup-19981230.tar.bz2", but I suupose the above mentioned dll was
built from this source.

Best regards and happy new year.

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