b20.1: build question

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Thu Dec 31 08:13:00 GMT 1998

In a message dated 12/30/98 9:49:54 PM Pacific Standard Time,
kevins@citrix.com writes:

<< On my NT4.0 box, should I be able to:
 1.  Download dev-src_tar.b2
 2.  Uncompress and untar it.
 3.  From a new obj directory, type 'configure --host=i586-pc-cygwin32
 3a. Muck about with the newlib configuration to get it to work.
 4.  Do a 'make'
 5.  Drop the obj/i586-pc-cygwin32/winsup/new-cygwin1.dll into my current
 This doesn't seem to work -- I get access violations immediately.  Is this
 supposed to
 work?  Or, do I have to build everything from the same source with the same
 Also, I was unable to do a 'make install' which failed during gcc
 Any clues?
I rebuilt b20.1 onto itself on W95, using a working make-3.77 running on
B19/coolview.  I don't recall whether b20.1 is able to build make-3.77
directly on NT (I'm on vacation).  If so, you might try that.  If not, it
confirms that the make binary is inadequate.  'make install' in make-3.77 is
not cygwin-compatible unless you have one of those special install programs
which deal with .exe without requiring .exe support in the install script.  

'make install' of b20.1 of course will fail at the points where install is
trying to replace its copy of cygwin1.dll and make.exe if you are running the
installed one, but  make -k install runs for me and skips only the
replacements of the files which are in use.  I ran 'make -k install' twice,
both in b19 (with b20.1 not running) and in b20.1, but I think you can do
without b19.
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