Opinions on Anders Norlander's new headers/libs?

Geoffrey Noer noer@cygnus.com
Thu Dec 31 01:55:00 GMT 1998

Mumit Khan wrote:
> As some of you already know, Anders has released his LPGL'd headers and
> import libraries for windows32 api, and it's definitely worth taking a
> a closer look to see if we can replace the current set with his.

After a little less than a day's work, I have Anders' headers and def
files all working with Cygwin in our source tree.  tcl/tk/tix/itcl all
compile fine as well.

I did have to go through winsock.h and add the requisite
__INSIDE_CYGWIN__ ifdefs to support Cygwin's confusing but necessary
internal mixing of Winsock socket calls and Unix socket
structures/definitions.  That was the most time-consuming thing.
But the headers were missing a few defines mostly related to console
I/O, I also had to adjust a few @xx values in kernel32.def to get
cygwin1.dll to link, etc.  But so far so good...

I'd be happy to hear any opinions as to completeness vs. the existing

Geoffrey Noer
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