install vs gcc wrt .exe

Christopher Seawood
Wed Dec 30 20:52:00 GMT 1998

On 29 Dec 1998, Christopher G. Faylor wrote:

> The standard Windows permission settings do not include an execute bit.
> The execute bit is simulated by Cygwin.  If Cygwin sees that a filename
> ends with .exe, it sets the execute permission bits that you see when
> you do a ls -l.  Cygwin will also set the bits if the first two characters
> of a file are '#!'.

I'm having a problem that gcc & install do conflicting things that makes
installing programs a bit of a hassle.  Someone reported several months
ago that install.exe doesn't check for foo.exe when told to install foo.
This wouldn't be so much of a problem except that gcc insists upon
creating exectubles as foo.exe when given -o foo.  This combination breaks
just about every Makefile setup that normally properly handles
--program-suffix=.exe .  Given what Faylor stated above, I don't think
that gcc can be made to do the "proper" thing so I've attached the patch
from install to make install it check for foo.exe
as well as foo.  A potential problem is that foo.exe is no longer
guaranteed to be the same as foo.

(And I got shell scripts workin on text=binary mounts now.  My mount table
must've been seriously screwed up before.)


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