inetutils, resolv.h, ports of similar programs, etc :)

Christopher G. Faylor
Mon Dec 28 20:03:00 GMT 1998

In article <>,
mxs <> wrote:
>I want to compile the inetutils (or at least telnet) ... I compiled ncurses
>and termcap as described in the ports list, but now I'm stuck. I tried to
>compile telnet alone first (after ./configure, which ran flawlessly), but
>it needs the libs provided by the rest of the package. After starting the
>compile for those libs, gcc quit complaining about a missing resolv.h ...
>Dumb as I am I tried to include it from Linux, yielding a few more missing
>files ;) 
>Now my question : What package does resolv.h belong to ? Is it portable ?
>Or : How has the inetutils package listed on the ports page on the cygwin
>page been compiled ? Stripping out the resolving part ?

Most of inetutils has been ported by Sergey Okhapkin.  You can get them

Sergey is a prolific contributor to Cygwin.  He's responsible for a large
number of important contributions to the DLL itself.  He maintains his own
"coolview" distribution of the DLL which is also on the web page.

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