Serial port access (was: Can outsiders get simple questions answered?)

Dan Hensley
Mon Dec 28 11:53:00 GMT 1998


> I have some mount points, that I setup in the registry manually, for hitting
> the serial and parallel ports, but I haven't done much with them yet.
> To set them up, a registry init file with contents similar to this:
> ;; begin registry file "CYGSERIAL2.REG"
> [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cygnus Solutions\CYGWIN.DLL setup\b15.0\mounts\06]
> "native"="\\\\.\\COM2"
> "unix"="/dev/serial2"
> "fbinary"=dword:00000001
> "fsilent"=dword:00000000
> ;; end registry file
> may be used.  This particular example creates a virtual device '/dev/serial2'
> which let's me (at least) send bits to the COM2: port.

    I did as you suggested (replacing COM2 with COM1, since that's the port I'm
trying to use).  This worked no problem, and entering a "mount" in cygwin showed
that indeed this mount point was set.  However, when I try to open the COM port
using open(), my session hangs, and the only way out of it is to kill the bash
window.  Any idea what's happening here?  Incidentally, I tried the sample program
you sent me with the same results...
    I'm running b20.1 on NT4sp4.


Dan Hensley
Engineer - SDRC Operations (ATA)
Denver, CO        W:303/464-7049

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