B20.1: domain UID problem

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk@sni.de
Mon Dec 28 01:59:00 GMT 1998


Just installed B20.1, created /etc/passwd using mkpasswd -d, /etc/group
using mkgroup -d and found weird problem. The created files get UID that is
different from what is reported by mkpasswd. I am logged in as domain user.
mkpasswd creates UID = 1006 but all files that I create get UID = 544. (Or
may be, it is stat that reports wrong info).

The group is O.K. - it corresponds to group user is in and is reported as

I am on NT4.0SP4, PDC and BDC being also NT4.0SP4

This problem prevents some programs from running - they create file, check
modes/owner and bail out, because file owner as reported by stat is
different from passwd info (intended owner).

NT reports correct owner (domain user) for these files.

Can it be, that 544 corresponds to well-know SID "Creator/Owner"? As I
understand, user's SID->UID mapping starts at 1000.

Happy New Year to everybody


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