No output on `who', no syslogs, incorrect working remote progs

Corinna Vinschen
Sun Dec 27 16:31:00 GMT 1998


I have some problems:

- How is it possible, to get correct output on `who'

- Why doesn't syslogd log anything? Do I have to use the option -p,
  to set another log socket?

- inetd is running, configured to start in.telnetd, in.ftpd, in.rexecd,
  in.rlogind, in.rshd and in.talkd. Telnet and ftp are working, but
  rlogin prints:
	rlogin: Connection closed.

  and rsh, rexec are hanging after invocation.

  talk prints:
	[no connection yet]
	[Your party is not logged on]

What is to do???

Any suggestions appreciated,
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