B20.1: arrow key repeating problem with bash

Serguei DACHIAN Serguei.Dachian@univ-lemans.fr
Sun Dec 27 16:31:00 GMT 1998

> If I tap the arrow keys, they work as expected, but when I hold down the
> arrow keys, it inserts "D"s and "["s into the line when I hold the left
> arrow key, and "C"s and "["s when I hold the right arrow key.
> This problem occurs with CYGWIN=tty|notty, also with TERM=ansi|vt100|cygwin.
> I am using B20.1 on Win98.
You have a lot of chance:-), on my Win98 (French version) the arrow keys
don't work at all!!!:-((((
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