Creating a library from a dll

Sun Dec 27 15:53:00 GMT 1998

Any other options ?  I don't think this version od ld is in 20.1, I 
downloaded it last night ld --version gives me GNU ld 2.9.4 and it has 
these i386 options.
  --base_file <basefile>
  --file-alignment <size>
  --heap <size>
  --image-base <address>
  --major-image-version <number>
  --major-os-version <number>
  --major-subsystem-version <number>
  --minor-image-version <number>
  --minor-os-version <number>
  --minor-subsystem-version <number>
  --section-alignment <size>
  --stack <size>
  --subsystem <name>[:<version>]

DJ Delorie wrote:
> Triple-T wrote:
> > Say I have a dll that I want to use with my program but I don't have a
> > library for it so I can't use just do a
> <plug>Get the new improved linker!  The latest version of ld (may be in B20.1, is
> in gas snapshots) allows you to list the .dll right on the link line!  The
> linker generates the import library internally, and fixes up problems with
> missing @nn's.</plug>


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