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Sun Dec 27 07:03:00 GMT 1998

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<< Hi Cjfogg,
>>I am very new to programming and have gotten a little confused with Cygwin-
>>b20.  I hate to ask a simple question, but I have downloaded
>>user-man.tar.bz2, stored it in Wordpad, and haven't the first clue how to
>>read it.  I have tried to 'cd' to it but keep getting the reply;
>Did you download it with Netscape or MSIE ?
> I suppose, these get confused by the .bz2 ending of the file and try to
> store it as text file.
> Try to get it with some real ftp client or right click on wherever you
>saw the link and chose "download".

I downloaded it with aol and haven't had a lot of luck with using ftp.  I am
refused a connection, and still can't manage to unpack user-man_tar.bz2.
Whatever I do, it is always stored in Wordpad.
>>user-man.tar.bz2: Is a directory.
> Uhm, after having downloaded this file, copy it to for example /temp and
> unpack it with "bzip2 -d user-man.tar.bz2". You get a tar archive after
> having done this. Untar it with "tar -xvf user-man.tar".
>You then have a directory with all the man page files.
> So far for the easy part - now you need to download and install groff,
> ncurses, less and man ! You can get them from
Argh!  More to download?  Sorry to sound ignorant (again) but what does groff,
ncurses, less and man do?
>>What am I doing wrong?  If I can't read the manual I don't have very high
>>hopes for my programming career!
>Don't give up - there is always a starting point and no one can know
> everything when starting with something new.
 Good luck !
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