Installation problems

Michael Hirmke
Sat Dec 26 16:39:00 GMT 1998

Hi Cjfogg,

>I am very new to programming and have gotten a little confused with Cygwin-
>b20.  I hate to ask a simple question, but I have downloaded
>user-man.tar.bz2, stored it in Wordpad, and haven't the first clue how to
>read it.  I have tried to 'cd' to it but keep getting the reply;

Did you download it with Netscape or MSIE ?
I suppose, these get confused by the .bz2 ending of the file and try to
store it as text file.
Try to get it with some real ftp client or right click on wherever you
saw the link and chose "download".

>user-man.tar.bz2: Is a directory.

Uhm, after having downloaded this file, copy it to for example /temp and
unpack it with "bzip2 -d user-man.tar.bz2". You get a tar archive after
having done this. Untar it with "tar -xvf user-man.tar".
You then have a directory with all the man page files.

So far for the easy part - now you need to download and install groff,
ncurses, less and man ! You can get them from

>What am I doing wrong?  If I can't read the manual I don't have very high
>hopes for my programming career!

Don't give up - there is always a starting point and no one can know
everything when starting with something new.


Good luck !

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