"specs" related problems

Corinna Vinschen corinna.vinschen@cityweb.de
Sat Dec 26 14:58:00 GMT 1998

Mumit Khan wrote:
> I recommend not using `-I <path>' in specs file since that makes it hard
> to override include paths from command line (which should always take
> precendence).
> [...]
> You probably want `-idirafter', so that you can override that from the
> command line. Unfortunately, these options are rather obtuse and confusing
> (I've used these for years, and still get confused).

Thanks for this description. That's really useful. When I wrote my mail,
I have checked only the possibility, to use the `standard' options.
Unfortunately, the following doesn't work:

... %{lang-c++:-idirafter /usr/include/g++} ...


... %{xc++:-idirafter /usr/include/g++} ...

> Unfortunately, there are no such convenient ways to handle library paths,
> and you might have to do what Corinna suggests (by adding a -L<path> to
> the specs file). I however find it much more convenient to do these via
> Makefiles to avoid confusion as to what paths get searched before what.

I agree with exception: The exception is, that me and others want to
have U*X like standard paths for the file search without to have
to write them into _any_ Makefile. I'm using the environment variables
As you, I don't like the idea, to change the specs file. You know, I have
other problems with my specs file :(

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