B20.1: arrow key repeating problem with bash & funktion-keys in bash?

Klaus Reinhardt K.Rdt@TU-Berlin.DE
Sat Dec 26 03:57:00 GMT 1998

Will Mooar wrote:
> If I tap the arrow keys, they work as expected, but when I hold down the
> arrow keys, it inserts "D"s and "["s into the line when I hold the left
> arrow key, and "C"s and "["s when I hold the right arrow key.
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Hi Will!

Me is nerving the same problem and the trial to manage it with speeding
down the keyboard-speed worked but nerved, too, and so I tap . . . 

Another problem with the keyboard: How can I set commands to the
function-keys in the bash? My ta.asm|com (which is using ANSI.SYS) from
DOS is not working.

	Regards Klaus
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