Please, help me - Unix network programming

Jan Tomasek
Thu Dec 24 14:51:00 GMT 1998

I start reading of book "Unix network programming" written by
W. Richard Stevens. I try to complile examples from this book
but I get error - un.h is missing. And realy it is missing on 
my Cygwin system? So I transport it from my Linux system,
than compiler require next files ... completly I transport this
	./linux/un.h -> ./sys/un.h
With it this I was able to compile basic libs and then compile
first example - DateTimeClinet, but not server - recv/sendmsg
is missing. I look at Debian/Linux man pages and I thing that I
can emulate recvmsg by recv. 

Thing which I want to ask is if this is "normal" or if I do
something wrong.

Of course, I can learn on my Linux, but I like Cygwin and I prefer

Please, can someone help me to fix this problem(s)?
Thanks Jan
                            Jan Tomasek,          student FEL-CVUT

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