B19, performance using fopen()/fclose() on FAT16

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.edu
Thu Dec 24 14:15:00 GMT 1998

John Blanton <john.blanton@aud.alcatel.com> writes:
> Conducting performance tests of several porting tools we noticed
> dramatically poor performance for the following case using FAT16 on
> Windows NT:

Thanks for the testcase and the timing results. Very interesting. I
would expect a significant slowdown using Cygwin, but didn't expect
this bad.

Here's what I get on Ppro 200, 128MB, NT SP3/FAT, no CYGWIN env var,
all binary mounts:

Cygwin B20:
    real    1m39.00s
    user    0m29.00s
    sys     1m4.00s

Specifying CYGWIN=nontea drops the time a few seconds.

    real    0m15.00s
    user    0m3.00s
    sys     0m10.00s

    real    0m53.00s
    user    0m17.00s
    sys     0m36.00s

> GNU-Win32           398.3
> Linux (FAT)                6.2
> Linux (Linux FS)          6.1
> U/WIN                      41.0
> Win32                       14.8

Your Cygwin time is much higher than mine for some reason.


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