Installation problems

DJ Delorie
Wed Dec 23 20:10:00 GMT 1998 wrote:
> I am very new to programming and have gotten a little confused with Cygwin-
> b20.  I hate to ask a simple question, but I have downloaded user-man.tar.bz2,
> stored it in Wordpad, and haven't the first clue how to read it.  I have tried
> to 'cd' to it but keep getting the reply;

What you need to do is save that file to disk when you download it, not read it.
Right mouse on the link and choose "save as" to save it to file.  You'll
also need have installed full.exe (save that to a file, then run it - it will
install the cygwin development environment).  Two of the programs full.exe
installs are "bunzip2.exe" and "tar.exe".  You'd do something like this:

bunzip2 user-man.tar.bz2
tar xvf user-man.tar

You might want to do "tar tvf user-man.tar" before the xfv one, to see what
directories it's going to create, so that you'll untar it in the right spot.

What this does is uncompress the tar file (a compressed tar file is like a zip
file - it contains many little files within it) and unpack it so that you
end up with the correct directory structure with all the files in it.
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