Can outsiders get simple questions answered?

Dan Hensley
Wed Dec 23 13:12:00 GMT 1998

    I'll need to try this again to confirm, but I think this only works in
notty mode.  Somewhere along the line I tried this, but as I recall it didn't


Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Dan Hensley wrote:
> >
> > Here's my question:
> > Using Cygwin b20.1 in tty mode, how do you open the serial ports (using
> > open() )?
> >
> AFAIK, use comX as device name:
>         open("com1",...) should work
> I never used it, but this is, what I've found in the cygwin sources.
> Hope, this helps,
> Corinna

Dan Hensley
Engineer - SDRC Operations (ATA)
Denver, CO        W:303/464-7049

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