B20.1: new pasting bug with vim?

Kevin Schnitzius kevins@citrix.com
Wed Dec 23 12:20:00 GMT 1998

I recent updated to b20.1 from b19.  I recompiled (from fresh source)
ncurses and vim.  However, now, when I paste to vim, the characters are not
accepted until a key is pressed.  For example, if I copy some text in the
clipboard, hit '/' for search in vim, and then paste onto the search line,
the characters are no displayed (nor are they input) until I hit a key other
than the Enter.  I doesn't matter whether I use the mouse or the system menu
to do the pasting on the command line.  This only seems to affect vim.  I
can paste to the search line of less without any difficulty.

Anyone else see this?

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