B19, performance using fopen()/fclose() on FAT16

John Blanton john.blanton@aud.alcatel.com
Wed Dec 23 06:26:00 GMT 1998

Conducting performance tests of several porting tools we noticed
dramatically poor performance for the following case using FAT16 on
Windows NT:

    for (count = 0; count < (int) REPETITIONS; count++)


        fi = fopen("testfiles/file1", "a");



REPETITIONS is set to 100,000.  The test requires over an hour to
complete.  There is constant disk activity.  Here are some test timings:

GNU-Win32           398.3
Linux (FAT)                6.2
Linux (Linux FS)          6.1
U/WIN                      41.0
Win32                       14.8

The times are in seconds and are combined user and system time as
reported by the UNIX time utility.  Wall clock time for GNU-Win32 is
over an hour, as mentioned.

The tests were conducted again using NTFS on Windows NT, and the time
for GNU-Win32 dropped to about 70 seconds, still much higher than the

John Blanton
Alcatel Corporate Research Center
Richardson, TX

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