Case sensitivity in filenames

Moore, Paul
Wed Dec 23 05:43:00 GMT 1998

I can't believe that this isn't a FAQ, but I've looked and can't find
it. I've just installed cygwin B20.1, and it appears that the commands
are treating files case-sensitively. In particular, if I do (from
COMMAND.COM) "ls *.zip" I get a list of zip files in the current
directory. But if I do "ls *.ZIP" I get nothing! Now, I understand that
Unix filenames are case sensitive, but Windows ones aren't and so I
would expect the command to produce the same results in both cases (or
at least for there to be an option to make this happen). But it appears

Can anybody suggest what I'm missing? My CYGWIN environment variable is
not set at all. Should I set something in it? The documentation doesn't
show anything which looks relevant.

Paul Moore

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