include path problems

Tue Dec 22 18:47:00 GMT 1998

Hi everybody.

I have a little problem with include paths.  My config is
Win98French+CygWinB20.1.  If I put some headers in "/usr/include", g++ (and
I suppose gcc too) find them without any additional flags.  But if I put
them in "/usr/local/include" it don't find them!!!  This is not the case of
the linker, since it finds well the libraries both in "/usr/lib" and
"/usr/local/lib".  Is this a bug or an intention???  Is there any way to
correct this behaviour?

BTW, in order to correct this, I have tried to set the environment variable
"C_INCLUDE_PATH" (as it would be done under unix), but apparently this
variable is simply ignored by g++!!!  Why???

Thanks in advance for any help.

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